Online Calculators & Tools for Math, Geometry and Others

Welcome to CalculatorsApp. We offer free online calculators for everything from math to geometry. Our tools are designed to provide accurate and efficient solutions. Explore our calculations tools now, and know that we are continually developing more.

Online Basic Calculator

The calculator is a versatile tool for students, professionals, and anyone in need of quick calculations

Online Scientific Calculator

The scientific calculator is a web-based tool designed to perform a wide range of mathematical calculations such as trigonometric, logarithmic, and exponential calculations.

Final Grade Calculator

Enter your current grade, the weight of your final exam, and the desired final grade. The final grade calculator will show you the minimum grade you need.

Chronological Age Calculator

Ever wondered exactly how old you are-not just in years, but right down to the second? Well, our Chronological Age Calculator is here to do just that

Concrete Calculator

Optimize your construction projects with our concrete calculator. Easily calculate the concrete needed for slabs, footings, stairs, and more with precision.

Mean, Median, and Mode Calculator

Easily calculate the mean, median, mode, minimum, maximum, range, count and sum of your data set with our advanced calculator

Tip Calculator

The Tip Calculator allows you to easily calculate the tip amount. Simply enter the bill amount and the appropriate tip amounts will be displayed.

Asphalt Calculator

The Asphalt Calculator is designed to assist in the approximate planning of paving and road construction projects.

Midpoint Calculator

The midpoint calculator makes it easy to find the midpoint between two points. After entering the x and y coordinates of the points, the calculator will give you the result

The A1C to eAG & eAG to A1C Calculator

This calculator helps you understand and calculate the relationship between A1C and average blood glucose (eAG)

Online BAC Calculator

Utilize our precise BAC Calculator to accurately estimate your Blood Alcohol Content after consuming alcohol. Determine whether you are below the legal driving limit

Rounding Calculator: Precise Decimal, Whole Number, and Fraction Rounding

Use our Rounding Calculator to round numbers to the nearest decimal place, whole numbers, or fractions with precisions such as 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8.