Concrete Calculator

How to use Concrete Calculator

Our Concrete Calculator has been created to help you plan your construction projects. It is designed to provide you with the approximate exact amount of concrete you need for your slab, footings, stairs, or wall. Our calculator simplifies the calculations for those working on projects that require precise circular footings or columns. It provides the concrete volume in cubic yards, cubic feet, cubic meters and the number of concrete bags required based on the standard density of pre-mixed concrete.

Slab, Footing or Wall Concrete Calculator

Use this tool to plan your project and optimise your materials. The concrete slab calculator takes into account the length, width and depth of your project area to provide an estimate that will help you avoid waste and shortages. Use the concrete bag calculator to work out how many bags you'll need, simplifying your shopping list and helping you budget more effectively.

Concrete Slab Calculator

Hole, Column, or Round Footings Concrete Calculator

By providing the diameter and depth of your project, our calculator will estimate the volume of concrete required in cubic yards, cubic feet, cubic meters and 40lb, 60lb, 80lb bags. Our rounding concrete calculator is convenient and easy to use. It simplifies your calculations by helping you determine the number of pre-mixed concrete bags required for your project, and it's completely free.

Concrete Column & Round Footings calculator

Stairs Concrete Calculator

The Concrete Stairs Calculator estimates the total volume of concrete needed in cubic yards by accounting for the run, rise, width, platform depth, and number of steps. This calculator is perfect for both indoor and outdoor stair projects, ensuring an estimation and helping to avoid waste and shortages. In addition, our concrete bag calculator provides the exact number of bags required for your project, regardless of the scale of your staircase.

Concrete Stair Calculator