Online Scientific Calculator

It is a web-based scientific calculator with all the necessary features to calculate your complex operations. In addition to simple arithmetic calculations, it can calculate trigonometric and logarithmic calculations, exponential and absolute number calculations and factorials in a snap. If you are looking for a simplier calculator, check out the online calculator. If you go offline after visiting our website, both calculators will work.

How to Use the Scientific Calculator

Although a scientific calculator sounds complicated, it is simple to use. Add your mathematical expressions and use parentheses to combine more complex operations. The 'Del' button removes the last added character and the 'AC' button resets the calculator and removes the inputs.

Key Functions of the Scientific Calculator

  • x!: Factorial
  • √: Square root
  • %: Percentage
  • ( ): Open and close the Parentheses
  • Del: Delete last character
  • AC: Clear all inputs and resets memory of the scientific calculator

Trigonometric Functions

  • sin: Computes the sine of an angle
  • cos: Computes the cosine of an angle
  • tan: Computes the tangent of an angle
  • sin⁻¹: The inverse sine (arcsine)
  • cos⁻¹: The inverse cosine (arccosine)
  • tan⁻¹: The inverse tangent (arctangent)

Logarithmic and Exponential Functions

  • log: Computes the logarithm of a number
  • ln: Computes the natural logarithm of a number (base e)
  • e^: E raised to the power

Constants and Power Functions

  • π: The value of Pi number 3.1415926...
  • xʸ: Calculates the exponent of a number with another number
  • abs: Computes the absolute value of a number