Easy, Fast, and Convenient Online Calculator

The best online calculator for basic arithmetic operations that you can use for your school, work or personal calculations. User-friendly design allows you to easily calculate simple and moderately complex operations. In addition, you can enter numbers and operations not only using the mouse but also using the keyboard for calculation operations. For more information, please see Keyboard Shortcuts section. If you are looking for a scientific calculator for more complex operations, please go here:scientific calculator

Functions of the Calculator

  • Addition (+): Combine numbers to get a sum.
  • Subtraction (-): Find the difference between numbers.
  • Multiplication (*): Calculate the product of numbers.
  • Division (/): Divide one number by another.
  • Square Root (√): Determine the square root of a number.
  • Percentage (%): Calculate the percentage of a number.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The Calculator also supports keyboard input for faster and more efficient calculations. Here are the key functions you can use:

.0123456789+ - / * % √ =BackspaceC

Important information about the calculator

The order of operations is very important when making calculations in maths. For example, first in parentheses, then exponents, multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. That is why our calculator calculates your operations in the most accurate way by following this rule. Let's take the operation 6+3x2 as an example. Since multiplication has the operation priority, 3 times 2 makes the result 6. Then the result of 6+6 operation makes 12. As you can see, instead of finding the result of the operation 18, it has performed the operation according to the correct priority order.