Asphalt Calculator

The Asphalt Calculator is designed to assist in the approximate planning of paving and road construction projects. Enter the area dimensions, including width, length and depth, and select the appropriate units (feet, inches, yards, centimetres or metres). The tool calculates the total tonnes of asphalt required for the job. You can also enter the price per tonne if you want to estimate the total cost of the hot mix asphalt required. It helps you to buy the right amount of material before you start construction, avoid wastage and stay within budget.

How to Use the Asphalt Calculator

Enter Dimensions: Enter the dimensions of the area to be paved, including width, length and depth. Make sure you select the correct unit for each dimension to ensure accuracy.

Select Units: Our calculator offers a wide range of units for your convenience, including feet, inches, yards, centimetres or metres, depending on your measurements.

Price Per Tonne (Optional): You can also add the price per tonne, if applicable. Enter the cost per tonne of hot mix asphalt to calculate the total cost of asphalt required for your project. This step is optional but can be entered to calculate an approximate budget.

Calculate: Once all required fields have been filled in, click on the 'Calculate' button. The calculator displays the total amount of asphalt required in tonnes, the estimated cost (if a price per tonne has been entered) and the volume of hot mix asphalt required in cubic metres.

Asphalt Applications

The Asphalt Calculator is included but not limited to the following projects;

  • Residential driveways
  • Commercial car parks
  • Road construction and repairs
  • Pathways and walkways
  • Any other paving needs

Furthermore, average density is a critical factor in project planning and material calculation, especially in the context of construction materials such as asphalt. The term "density" refers to the mass of a substance per unit volume and in the case of asphalt is usually expressed in tonnes per cubic metre. The average density of hot mix asphalt is approximately 2.5 tonnes per cubic metre. This value can vary depending on the specific composition of the asphalt mix and the materials used. Our calculation tool provides you with an approximate solution using this ratio.